Imagine Reading the Glyphs of the Ancient Africans in the Museums!


Master Teacher Mfundishi Jhutyms has mastered over five languages and is an expert in reading, writing and translating the Ancient Language of the Nile Valley Afrikans commonly called Hieroglyphics. The language called by the Ancients themselves is Mdw Ntchr.

This language is commonly taught in the Universities as a Semetic Language, however the language is an Indigenous Afrikan Language and is related to other Afrikan Languages. A proper study of Ourstory and Kulture of Afrikan People shows that language itself originated in Southern Afrika and ultimately spread down the Nile Valley and other river systems of Afrika.

Kemet which is the Indigenous name for Egypt as called by the Nile Valley Ancients is what we call Classical Afrikan Civilization. Here language, culture, morality, science and architecture culminated in creating the worlds most Ancient and Complex Civilizations. 

This Civilization gave many other Civilizations their Golden Ages including the Greeks and the Arab Civilizations. Mfundishi Jhutyms has mastered several aspects of this high culture through the mastery of the language. He teaches the Mdw Ntchr with a special relationships to the spirituality and healing powers of the culture. 

As a Master in an Ancient form of Martial Arts, Master Teacher Mfundishi Jhutyms also pulls from the Great Literature and Illustrations of Kmt mastery of Morality, Meditation, Martial Arts, and Crystal Healing Sciences.


In a Nutshell Mfundishi Jhutyms teaches through the Mdw Ntchr how you can become a "Captain of Your Own Ship". He will teach you how to read the writing right off of the wall of the temples in every museum and will encourage you to visit the Nile Valley Yourself.

Mfundishi Jhutyms is offering the first ever membership site where you can learn the Mdw Ntchr . He believes that once you become a member you will want to stay because he will always be adding to the site so that your journey never ends. The special offer below is a basic $20 membership to get a look at the information you will be learning. Also you get to stay up to date with any trips classes and workshops Mfundishi will be doing live.  Further down on this page you will find the links to his live stream online classes and the links to order his books for those of you who are not yet members.


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